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Supervisor Application

Big Grin 

1. Requirements for the entry [write '+' next to any requirement you have completed, and write '-' next to those, which you haven't yet completed]:

* You must be at least 16 years old. +
  * You must be an active player in the server.+
  * You must be a member of the community for at least 3 months.+
       * You must have at least 120 hours of play time in the server.+
       * You must not have received any warnings and/or punishments in the past. -
       * You must have an official (steam) version of 'counter strike 1.6'. +
       * You must be experienced as an Admin.+
       * You must have a moderate understanding of English.+
       * You must have reported at least 3 rule-breakers (it doesn't have to be cheaters only).+
       * You must have posted an introduction thread on forums.+
       * You must be willing to attend any scheduled staff meetings.+
       * You must be willing to fulfill your duties as a Supervisor, obey the rules yourself, and listen to other staff members.+

     * Your in-game nickname: NoT HoldMyGroza 
         * Your Discord: HoldMyGroza#6237
         * Your age: 17
         * Your timezone: GMT:+2
         * Link to your introduction thread: 
         * Links to your reported rule-breakers: 
         * Describe the duties of a Supervisor: clearing the server from hackers/rule breakers,guide/help new players how to play swarm server,how to buy priviliges,helping community at discord with any issues
         * Link to your stats (use gametracker): https://www.gametracker.com/player/NoT%2...195:27015/
         * Can you manage other languages besides English?
         * Have you contributed to the community in any shape, way, or form? (it doesn't have to be donations only): 
Yes,i helped owner in small ways
         * How experienced are you as an Admin? What is your past experience? How familiar are you with AMX commands? Can you give any example?
I am admin in other servers for 4 years,i know every main commands from amx 
Or the main command is amxmodmenu which have all if these commands and its simple to use it
         * Are you familiar with the 'wargods' application? Explain its purpose and usage.
  Yes i know what are wargods and at other servers i requested to many players it
If i am not sure and some players can really use some hacks very carefully and if he looks suspicious i can request to make him a wargods scan and he give me the link to his report,there is everything about him ip,name,date and time when he joined server, what kind of program he used to cheat and the most important thing its to see in what date this report was created
  * Why do you want to become a Supervisor here in particular? What makes you think you should be accepted over other possible candidates?
I always wanted to be here in staff because i saw many rule breakers or admin abuse and there wasn’t always supervisors to fix this issue
I stay online at server too much and at discord i stay more,i am ready if someone is cheating and a player contact me on discord or forum
I am always friendly to everyone but the one’s who hate me I don’t really know what to say to them :P 
I don’t mind them and if they want to be friends again I can accept 
         * What can you bring to the community?
I will help owner with anything(updates,bugs,glitches),help everyone for their problems
I am online in discord for every community problem or staff meetings
         * How much time do you spend on the server daily on average?
This is summer time so i have free time 3-4 hours or more
         * How long have you been in this community so far?
2-3 years


He is a very good player, he may be useful to become a supervisor. He is respectful with other players


He is one of the og's and knows the rules , i think that he deserves to be a supervisor . He is rly friendly with everybody on the server and could very well change this server for the better everyday.


Perfect 👌 staff.

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Still a - vounch from my personal opinion about this person and his actions.


In my opinion, the first thing to do is to buy an admin and show what you're really worth, and then think about something based on your work. For now -





I had admin before years and i use it perfectly
And and @ALiVe this thread it’s not for hate speech
Tell me where did I go wrong and I’ll fix it

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(13-05-2022, 04:08 PM)MYCKEY Wrote: In my opinion, the first thing to do is to buy an admin and show what you're really worth, and then think about something based on your work. For now -



(13-05-2022, 03:42 PM)ALiVe Wrote: Still a - vounch from my personal opinion about this person and his actions.




@Priceless don’t act like that if you don’t like any of them you can hold it in

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