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ubann i need owner

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1. Your name Sm1le EstAfaDo
2. Your steamidSTEAM_2:0:1019385330
3. Ban Details : You have been banned from this Server by Admin WhaT EveR
4. Proofs : 

  1.      first:  i have a perfect aim with this mouse  is gaming xtrike me gm-205
      2.      second: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ogmqa90rbczhkl3/[CSGAMERS]_Umbrella_Swarm.dem/file

alive this is not yours i need owner

i swear to god guys i didn't ever cheat in the server



and this is wargod scan:



And how do we know you have nothing? Maybe you deleted everything and now you've made a scan?

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i will screen all files and you judge ok??

this video explain to did i delet seomting or not:


(This post was last modified: 22-06-2022, 01:28 PM by simo.)

1)- This is the first demo from files :

2)- This is wargodscan:

3)- And this video is a backup so that you don't think that I deleted anything from the files Like MICKEY told me:



Hello there,
So after long considerations , we concluded to the agreement what you will be given another chance, so i will revoke your ban. Approved.
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