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aDmin Giveaway

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Hello & welcome everyone!
I am glad to share this good event with all of you (aDmin giveaway), and the way of participating in this event is very easy, all you guys have to do is choosing a number which must be btw 1-25
Eventually, we will be willing to choose a winner or winners it depends on the number of users:

(1-5) participators ==> 1 winner
(5-8) participators ==> 2 winners

We will be pleased if you inform anyone you encounter with this Event Smile

Event Rules & Terms:

1-DO not choose multiple numbers
choose only one number

2-Do not choose a number which was already chosen by another participator
choose a number by your own... do not depend on other users

3-Contact one of the forum staff members to get your privileges
you can get your reward by sending a private message to one of forum's team within it 
your name and pw

4-Contact staff members before time's up
If the winner (s) announced didn't send the private message within the given time (24 hours)
we will be forced to choose another winner.

Bear in mind:

The duration of this aDmin giveaway is 7 days
We need at least 5 participators to continue this event, otherwise, it will be canceled.

Good Luck Everyone
     Have Fun



Winner Winner

PR0 G4M3R Cool Cool


18 I hope i win


Number : 15


i want WIN: 8

Nick: TheFunnYGameR
Age: 16
StaTus: Pro PlayeR

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if i dont winn i kill my self


7 is me


13 is my number

Its About Justice



Nick : ZaKi
Tag : ShadowHunTeR


My number is 16 
I think i will win

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