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I cannot login.

(This post was last modified: 16-07-2022, 07:13 PM by Amogus.)

Hello there.

I joined this server yesterday and i have been playing alot since then, and it did not ask me for a password when i went in the game. Today its asking me for a password and i dont know what to do. I was using the same name "Amogus" and apparently someone has a account with this, the main point of this post is that i do not want to lose my 20 levels over this password issue that never occured to me before until now.

Here is a screenshot of this.


I have been playing with the same name which is "Amogus" and its asking me for a password i never created.


You must register (/reg) to save your xp/prs
You didn’t register so someone used this name and registered by himself


So that means i have to start over with a new name and everything is set at 0?


Aka you lost your progress, 
You can say the one whos using your name is an IMPOSTER 😅


Dude nah wtf, i use steam cs and i still need to register? Seriously?


I do remember seeing u online and u had steam, u should try to contact the owner about this he might help you.


(17-07-2022, 03:05 PM)Amogus Wrote: Dude nah wtf, i use steam cs and i still need to register? Seriously?

TheKiller (the owner of this community) is the only one who is able to restore the password for your account. Consider contacting him via Discord (join our server and you can DM him from there: https://discord.gg/YRXZGd8n29).

Contact him, explain the situation, and he should be able to resolve your problem.

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