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Describe the community member

(This post was last modified: 29-09-2021, 05:13 PM by Frost.)

Let's have some diversity here other than finishing up illogical sentences! The rules here are simple - you provide a description of the previous commentator or, in a nutshell, you write what you think about them, their personality, their characteristics, anything you can come up with. So, basically, the next person who will post a reply here will have to provide a description about me. After than, the following person will have to provide the description of the user who made a post previously and so on, and so forth.

1. You might provide positive or negative feedback, but do not be rude to the person.
2. Your description must consist of at least 15 words (so it's not just 'he's a cool guy' all over the place).
3. You may not provide a description about a person more than one time.
4. The interval between your previous posts is 2 (so you have to wait for 2 other people to post before you can post a reply again).
5. Like someone or hate someone, but don't be biased. Leave your message with positive connotation and friendship rather than hatred.
6. It's all fun and games. You don't need to take this extremely seriously, you can involve a comedic affect in your message, type something less logical or something completely stupid. Up to you. Just remember to have fun, don't offend anyone and don't get offended yourself!

So... let's begin!
Hit me with the hard truth, peps!


He's an angel, he's a demon, he does not like to play around every season, he's a player, he's a keeper, he keeps the secrets where he needs em', he isn't shy and he isn't brave, he's the guy you would not want to mess with in a cage.

--Thought it would be cool to submit a more like a "poem" description, I could say Big Grin


Rajus seems like a genuinely cool chap to hang around with. He knows his way, he has his maturity and, most of all, he probably has his virginity. In all seriousness, I haven't seen this lad rage or swear, he likes to keep the server tidy and is generally friendly with the community members.

I bumped the thread, so that could hopefully 'revive' it, so I kind of broke my own thread's rules, but oh well.


Frost is pretty cool guy who comes with many ideas how to make server better i think that he would be better owner than thekiller (pls forgive me lord) . Also big +rep for replying on all threads on forum so fast. Best forum admin. <3

But its kinda creepy that he dosent have any negatives


Acrid is also pretty wicked, a prestigious supervisor would be an insult if it were used as a compliment.



Acrid actually has a brain cell and a half (a rare sight for a creature like that).
With all seriousness, he's loyal, he knows what he's doing and has been a great staff member to have around in this godforsaken community.
As a person, generally, he's calm, collected, he can both be serious and joke around at the same time. Respected by many as well.


Frost is the daddy we need but don't deserve. His creativity and cold daddy aura around him would make anyone thirsty (my next daddy after Extazy). He knows when to tolerate and when to bring the wrath of god in terms of staff leadership. People like Extazy are a joke when daddy Frost is around. Frost is a guy that gives second chances. A treasure discovered by our chad owner

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